Sunday 8 February 2009

File Rename Tool

I have a lot of DVDs, probably over 400 or so. Quite a few of these DVDs are box sets that Linzi and I are likely to watch fairly frequently. These DVDs are all ripped to our server so we can watch them without digging out the disc. It also means we can watch them in the bedroom on our small Media Centre that doesn't have a DVD drive.

We've recently upgraded out living room Media Centre to Vista Ultimate which works differently with ripped DVDs. The upshot of this was that I had to move all my discs from /DVDs/Title/Season/Disc to /DVDs/Title/Season Disc so /DVDs/Friends/Season 1/Disc 1A became /DVDs/Friends/Friends Season 1 Disc 1A (we need Friends twice so we see it in the list that Media Centre shows you).

Rather than doing this by hand for the 150 odd discs we have ripped I wrote a little Air App that renames and moves files or folders based on a Regular Expression that you enter. I think it works really well. You can just rename the file / directory or use the full path mode which allows you to move the file / directory as well. The larger screen shot demonstrates how it works.

You can get the air installer here and download source code here.

There is scope for some refactoring to make the presentation model smaller and there are a couple of other features that I could add but this did the job that I wanted it to do and didn't take too long to write.

Let me know what you think.

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