Sunday 17 January 2010

Picasa API Implementation v 0.1

Today I finally managed to get some time to carry on working on the Picasa API that I started in October or whenever it was (ok, I had to get up at about 5:00 but I couldn’t sleep!).

You can have a look at progress so far here. At the moment it only lists albums and allows you to click on them to go through the Picasa page. Put your own username in at the top and you’ll get your albums listed.

The next stage is to load the images for each album and display them.

I am pretty pleased with the progress I made today. Most of it was spent writing the translators for the XML which I did with some stub data and TDD which worked pretty well. In the past writing tests for xml translation didn’t work especially well and they always broke – but that was because the service layer changed. I am hoping that the Google APIs will be a bit more stable.

The UI code here is pretty ugly with no presentation models or anything like that, just enough to get what you see displayed. At the moment the effort is going into the API code.

I am hoping to eventually add support to this for other photo hosting services such as flickr. The model that I am using here is closely based on the xml format that comes back from Picasa. When I move to include other services there might have to be a few tweaks to make it work with more than one service.


  1. care to share some of the code???

  2. I'd love to see some of the code as well. There's another project doing something similar, but whereas yours only has album listings, his project has everything BUT album listing.