Thursday 11 February 2010

SWCInspector v 0.2

I’ve uploaded a new version of SWCInspector. People at work, including myself, are already finding this pretty useful even with this early set of features.

The new version is here. I’ll update this html page to point at new versions as I upload them.

New features / fixes:

  • Big improvements to the renderers – they were very dodgy on scrolling before
  • Added a label to the selected asset indicating class name and swc that it came from
  • Added the ability to draw a box to display the asset bounds
  • Display bounds in the property pane so you can check 0,0 registration
  • Improved the width and height adjustment
  • Improvements to model wiring – more parsley based

If you find this useful let me know. I’ve got a lot more features that I want to implement but if you have any suggestions let me know.

The wife is away this weekend so hopefully there’ll be another version before Monday!

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