Sunday 7 February 2010


At work all the assets that we use to create the applications are contained in swcs. These swcs are created in Flash and are used like any other library in Flex.

There can be a lot of assets and it can be hard to find the one that you are looking for. It is also handy to be able to test the asset before it actually gets into the application – see what states are defined and how it looks when it is re-sized to make sure the slice-9 is set up properly.

As we’re just getting to a point on my current project where we’re getting lots of assets delivered I put SwcInspector together this weekend. It is not finished yet but there is already quite a bit of useful functionality in there:

  • The ability to load multiple swcs into the application
  • Filtering of loaded asset list
  • Visibility of states defined for each asset
  • Resizing of assets to test slice-9
  • Adjustment of background color for white / light assets

As I said it’s not finished. The existing functionality needs some tweaking and there is some more functionality that I want to implement.

Unfortunately I can’t let you have a copy of the assets we use at work for obvious reasons. I found this swc courtesy of this blog for you to download and try out with the application if you so want to.

You can have a look at the application here. Using it with a swc with only 1 asset isn’t really a very good example but that’s all I’ve got I’m afraid! If you use swcs yourself give it a try and let me know how it goes – I have only been able to test it on a few so  wouldn’t be surprised if there are issues.

I’ll post again when I’ve made some progress. I can make the code available to anyone who’d like a look. If you want a copy please e-mail me.

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